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attack on a u.s. embassy since hillary clinton was named secretary of state. coming on this, her less than the job. president obama to they retreated on the obamacare contraception mandate. the department of health and human services announcing that religiously affiiated organizations can opt out of the controversy and mandate, although the rule change applies only to religious nonprofits, prompting private sector entities with religious ties to say, not good enough, mr. president. and some racy super bowl ads starring super model and sports illustrated swimsuit get up. groups calling for higher standards for super bowl ads and their sponsors. we begin tonight with the unemployment rate at 7.9%. the white house looking to a brighter numbers, however, today including upper revisions in jobs created in both november and december, higher consumer spending and rising residential construction. fox news senior white house correspondent with our report. >> reporter: a ten of a point increase in the unemployment rate to 7.9%, the january jobs report was at least initially disappointing. the r
and founder of the new democratic network and former campaign advisor to president bill clinton. what a power panel we have here. steve moore let me start with you. was this a surprise to you? >> yeah, i think it was a surprise to everyone that the number went negative. you know this, melissa, as well as anyone, the number that matters is private gdp growth. government shouldn't even be part of gdp and gdp, government spending actually fell substantially, military spending was down by over 20%. that accounted for the negativity. even if you take out government we were 1.3% growth rate. melissa, that doesn't cut it that is pretty anemic number. one other statistic quickly to mention. there was a big increase in the amount of disposable personal income reported in this report. and i have a suspicion that that is a result of the fact, remember you reported on all these special dividends and so on. melissa: right. >> that were paid in the fourth quarter. i think that showed up in these disposable income numbers. which means we may see a drop-off in those numbers in the first quarter of this year.
. the security team followed me down the block clai clinton ahed security jurisdiction to question me and security jurisdiction is not even a legal term. they asked for my date of birth. i had to essentially show who i was in order to ask inverted question, but they don't even id the boat. asking a critical question for a prominent politician. stuart: on the screen right now, that is where you are being asked to provide id before you could ask any questions and they followed you down the street. >> they followed me twice for us to question me who i was in the show identification. i asked the n.y.p.d. officers he had jurisdiction, he said he had security jurisdiction which doesn't exist, he can't investigate anything in d.c. and then he followed me to ask for my date of birth. why would you need my date of birth? is this how we are going to treat members of the press? over personal information just because we don't like the kind of questioning and reasoning they propose? excuse me, we are not peasants who work for you, you work for us. >> everybody labeled it as so outrageous when all
dollars. >> the middle class tax levels are going to have to go back to where they were under the clinton administration if we're going to pay off the deficit at some point. there is really no other way to do it without run away economic growth which we're not going to have. >> we're at a point where they have this so both sides are lined up for this battle going into may. if they propose any actual cuts in the senate on spending, i will buy you another one of those girlie drinks you have. >> all right. see, john. toby did get the last word. coming up, they were some of the biggest supporters of the health care law. but are unions starting to show buyers remorse? the cavuto on business gang on their new demand and why everyone may pay at the bottom of the hour. but up here first, nearly two-thirds of middle aged workers are doing something that someone here says could drive this number higher. whether you're young or old. this mid life headlines, or go to >>> you think 7.9% unemployment is a bad number? then get a load of this. nearly two-thirds of american workers age 45 to
federal reserve vice chairman, member of the president clinton economic adviser, dr. alan blinder. he is also author of the brand new book called after the music stopped, the financial crisis, the response, and the work ahead. it is wonderful to have this opportunity to meet you, have this recession with a face-to-face. first, your thoughts on the presidential during the jobs council. >> well, i think there was never going to be a good time to do this. lori: the most symbolic, the symbolism was a board many first cannonball to amidst the crisis, the worst we have met since the 1930's. the importance of the symbolism has been falling through time. there was ever going to be -- i can't imagine there was going to be a good time for him to say, we don't need you anymore. lori: your thoughts on the president's future strategy dealing with the jobs crisis? the big jobs report for the month of january tomorrow. the initial jobless claims surprisingly worse than expected today. yesterday's gdp ratio as of distraction. the shipping of to be all that bright a picture, at least when you looked a
secretary of state hillary clinton put it, we live in an empirically-based world. those facts are on the table for all of us to affect. >> i think some on the left, there is a moral opposition for citizen gun ownership. a culture war against the kind of people who they think own guns. some of them are what i call pacifists progressives. those that have a pacifist morality for whatever reason. and they want to use the government to make everyone else live that way. lou: if i may share this, one of president obama's remarks today. he said that weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools. they are threatening our law enffrcement officers. our law enforcement officers should never be outgunned on the streets. i do not believe that there is anyone in the country that would argue this way that was against it. the fact is he doesn't use the language of assault weapons. he talks about them as weapons of war, when in fact, they are demonstrably not. these are semi- automatic rifles. rifles kill fewer people over the last year and have clubs and hammers, for crying out
there. believe me. there are some surprises. chrysler, which had the clinton eastwood at, the 2-minute ad, they're taking a big risk. we have not seen that, but they're going to use berry gordy, the rock-and-roll hall of famer who founded and motown, 83 years old. he is not the mideast with in terms of official recognition. so they are taking -- and we have not seen that one. gerri: so there are some surprises here. i was asking you about the rita -- doritos and the axe at. companies, are they hoping to increase awareness of brand? what is the goal here? >> almost trying to do all those things. different companies, like anheuser-busch, you know the brand. this year they're going to run a spot with clydesdales which will resonate with the audience, stevie nicks singing landslide in the background which will get people to do and got. gerri: of a certain age. >> but they are also pushing aircraft be your with jay-z. two different things going on. some things want to start of the campaign. some people want to reinforce their brand. there will be talked about the vote. gerri: this is, as yo
matters involved mr. mcclinton found, today, no improper conduct, but the final report won't be completed until mid-february. mr. mcclinton serves through april 1st, 2013, at which point he'll retired. the shares are up now in the after market roughly 8.5%. mel liz is a? melissa: thanks so much. 60 people dead, president morsi declared a 30-day state of emergency in three cities. major commerce passageway, suez canal, there could be ramifications if it shuts down. here to drill down on how dire the impact could be is the national security analyst. welcome back to the show. >> sure. melissa: you know issue everybody focusing on the straight of hormuz and ignore the suez canal which is a major thoroughfare for all kinds of commerce in the world. >> 10% of the world's sea going trade goes through the suez canal, a huge number. it's a hundred miles long, three cities you just talked about at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the suez canal where all the rioting is. i gent -- egypt, i think, is in a procare yows economic situation. they don't want to canal to stop. they get $5 # billion a
to the democratic party in 1988 leading up to 1992. is there a republican version of bill clinton out there? i am sure after 88 people remember that infamous speech that he did at the convention where he went too long. is there anybody that you see out there that you would compare to bill clinton? >> well, the thing is, there could be. we just do not know. the take away from the meeting in charlotte is the party themselves cannot make these changes. they need a leader to take them to those changes. viewed out of touch, out of touch with the public. clinton came along and changed that. they understand it takes a leader. they look at the field that they have. they have marco rubio, chris christie, they do not know if any one of those will be the one. connell: the bipartisan group of senators yesterday. the way the republican party is handling this so far, chose politically, does it make sense to you? >> they are divided over it. that is all there is to it. senator jeff sessions was on the floor of the senate expressing real skepticism about this plan. leadership sources were saying, look, we will n
when you get praise for mitt romney and bill clinton. >> yes, mitt romney and i have been friends for a long time. charles: what is the book about? because of the quintessential american success story about global hospitality. is there another been there? >> i think of it the minute you start small and you just add one hotel and it depends onthe people. you develop them and you help them grow and expand. 50% start off as our own workers. and that is the american dream and the american story. >> see you still believe in the american dream? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. charles: coming up, a food fight for you. put down the burger and pick up a salad. we have a surprising skinny on food safety. first, washington is running a surplus. but it's bad news for you with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ gart] great busi
tell you that. this is not jack kennedy. bill clinton did a great job as well. this isn't even bill clinton. the policies they have put into place are antigrowth. stuart: are we headed into a recession? >> i don't know. the fourth quarter 2012, all we need is one more quarter down and that would be the official definition of a recession, so we are close. i think it is pretty rocky, to be honest with you, for the next year. i don't agree with the president, although i would love him to be right and we get very good growth, but i think this next year will be a very tough year. stuart: art laffer joining us from the retirement capital of america, tennessee. is that true? >>> no, we're all hard working people. that is all, stuart. stuart: thank you, art. the dow down 100 points, off 101. that is what happens when you threaten to raise taxes. bowling streamliner remains grounded. now you can let the finger-pointing begin according to "the seattle times." engineers blame the battery problems on the outsourced supply chain. those engineers say poor quality components are coming from subcon
minutes, president obama and outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton were thrown softball questions on benghazi, including one that led to this joke. >> i remember bob gates, the first thing he said to me, i think maybe the first week or two, and he obviously had been through seven presidents or something. he said, mr. president, one thing i can guarantee you is that at this moment somewhere, somehow, somebody in the federal government is covering up. [laughter] lou: cbs has the same news outlets that held damaging taped material of the president contradicting himself on the benghazi attack until two days before the election. and cbs political director john dickerson recall last week urging president obama to pulverize the republican party. up next, the department of homeland security looking to acquire thousands of the very same weapons the president is trying to take away from citizens. the "a-team" on double standards and more. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago ac
christie. good to see you. former clinton adviser, fox is contributor. what a pile. are you kidding me? surely is more self-respect and to sit there. what was that? >> al gore? >> who else. lou: and don't think that would apply to anybody else. [laughter] >> is funded by fossil fuel money, but these are people the propagated of it does so by extreme groups are not terrorists. the only other thing that was, frankly, a little bit more absurd was the transaction before the turn of the year to avoid the increase in capital gains. >> really close. lou: speaking of politics, let's go to the issue of the president suddenly deciding that he is not going to release his plan. he will talk for 20 minutes. and million and a half dollar supply air force one. nine hours in the air. is this out of control? >> of course it is. barack obama unchanged. he flies out. he does not lay at the specifics and the president said, comprehensive immigration reform. i have no confidence. this president decided he one step enforce certain laws and ignore others. why should anyone have any faith? >> do you have fait
country to exist that happened during the clinton's tenure to be a reality. but the first president bush did the courageous and right thing, and he drove fiscal discipline into a body that doesn't know how to practice it. that was the u.s. congress. liz: why isn't president obama being criticized for breaking his no taxes in 2008? >> he should be. he has an early lead on anything. he should be leading congress to make policy changes around taxes. it also around entitlement reform. he has to reform government and we need to reform our tax code. i think reforming government is even more important than reforming our tax code right now. we have to get entitlement growth under control and we have to relax regulations rather than impose new ones. right now we have the overhang of the regulatory burden stifling creativity and our economy. so we have an overregulated the economy that is suffering through a likelihood that tax rates will go up even more. all of that is a bad formula for growth when it comes to what should be happening in our entrepreneurial grounded capital system that should be
. and this is the first day on the job for new secretary of state john kerry. following hillary rodham clinton and her predecessor. addressing this as the same going. that is your fox news minute. cheryl: those heels were walking. dennis: strong reaction against recent cyber attacks and major u.s. companies. cheryl: peter barnes in washington with details on this and what the administration plans. this is china-based hackers. what does mr. obama think he can do here? >> what cyber experts say doesn't go on without the expletive or intuitive report of the chinese government so that is one of the big issues here. a new u.s. intelligence report is expected to call the rising chinese cyber attacks a threat to the u.s. economy. after noting recent attacks on their computer systems suspected of originating from china. social media site twitter said extremely sophisticated hackers from unidentified source may have stolen e-mail names, passwords, 2000 customers. they have made little progress in negotiations with the chinese to stop this kind of hacking. by the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic step
model and why it could pay off for investors. and gregory's clinton looks down a road for the trucking play, "countdown to the closing bell" is next, don't go anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, chae engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospe industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. ro price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read mmind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlesy protect what m
: yes. happened before. remember them being shut down. lori: '95 under the clinton administration. but they worked it out. let's be optimistic. ashley: jcpenney shares surging after a major about-face of the struggling retailer. check out the stock, up 8%. we'll have that story next. lori: digging into the new case-shiller numbers on home prices. s&p's david blitzer helped put together the report. he is our special guest ahead. he will characterize the health of the housing market and if it will improve from here. as we do each day at this time here is the look at the trade on oil. it is knocking on the door of $100 a barrel. still a little ways to go but up nonetheless. up 94 cents to $97.38 a barrel twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus whi
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)